Cancer Care & Infusion Center

Our Cancer Care & Infusion Center is open daily 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM in Clinic #1, Suite 100.


Bringing Care Closer to Home:

We’ve partnered with Intermountain’s Oncology specialists via TeleHealth. From early detection to treatments, including chemotherapy and care planning, Intermountain Healthcare oncologists provide individualized support and medically-advanced care. These specialists are able to visit with Uintah Basin Healthcare patients and caregivers via video, reducing the need for you or your loved ones to travel long distances to receive care.

How Does It Work?

Intermountain’s TeleHealth programs provide patients with more options to access the care they need, no matter where they are. UBH care teams will connect you and your loved ones with Intermountain clinicians using secure, video visit technology.

About Intermountain TeleHealth Medical Oncology Services:

The Telehealth Medical Oncology program is an integral part of the Intermountain Cancer Care Program and has safely provided treatment to thousands of patients since its inception in 2015. Our patients and caregivers have avoided over a quarter million miles of travel, and over $275,000 in savings. Plus, of course, the priceless value of receiving nationally recognized quality of care while staying close to home. The Intermountain Cancer Care team offers the largest, most in-depth network of leading cancer specialists in Utah, and produces medical outcomes significantly better than the national average. The unique collaborative team approach to care provides support for patients through each step and is a core part of telehealth enabled care models.

For More Information:

Call your local Cancer Care Team at Uintah Basin Healthcare at (435)247-4298 or visit for more information on TeleHealth and other healthcare topics.


Our Infusion Center offers short and long-term therapy in a comfortable setting. Our center provides quality care to patients who may not require hospitalization. Patients are admitted directly from physician offices, emergency departments, or other hospitals, and are monitored by a team of expert clinicians with extensive education in outpatient services.

Infusion Services include Antibiotic Infusion, IV Hydration, Tysabri Remicade, Venofer, Aredia, Blood Transfusion, Epogen, Neupogen, Neulasta, IV Immune Globulin, Zometa, and PICC Line Insertion & Maintenance.

The facility offers comfortable power recliners with charging ports, complimentary wi-fi, warm blankets, and optional ambulatory pumps for home use.

To contact our Cancer Care & Infusion Center, call 435.247.4298.

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