Classes & Groups


EMT Certification & First Aid / CPR Courses

For information on EMT Certification and First Aid / CPR Courses, contact Von at 435.722.6125 or email

Lactation Counseling

Need help with breastfeeding? Our Certified Lactation Counselors are here to help. Call our OB Department at 435.722.6150.

2019 Childbirth Education Classes

Classes offer information about pregnancy, labor and delivery, relaxation, breathing, pain management, breastfeeding, post-partum and newborn care. Call 435.722.6150 to register.

Support Groups

“Caring for Coy” Infant Loss Support Group

The loss of an infant is something no parent should ever have to experience, and the grieving process is difficult for all involved – parents, grandparents, siblings… Words cannot express the depth of our sorrow. We welcome you to join our monthly Caring for Coy Support Group as we meet to aid in your healing, bring hope to your future and honor your precious angel baby.

For class times, contact Maigen Zobell: 435-725-2036

To verify class times, contact: Maigen Zobell:, 435.725.2036

“Let’s Talk” Cancer Group

Let’s Talk is a cancer support group offering educational and emotional support for cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, family and friends. If you have a story to tell, come join us and let’s talk. We have stories too and would like to share them with you. Come learn new things and make new friends.

For class times, contact Brianna Banks: 435.725.7418

Community “Let’s Talk” Contacts:
Cecilia Sullivan: 435.790.5589
Ramalda Guzman: 435.724.0224

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