National Suicide Prevention Week

Suicide prevention starts well before the thoughts of suicide begin. It is a complicated issue, with most people feeling helpless at some point along the way, whether that be the person experiencing suicidal ideation, friends, family members, teachers, coaches, clergy, etc.

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Our Foundation Is Service

In our Healing Model we learn about assisting with compassion. Genuine service is the greatest example of this. For centuries, the greatest minds have suggested that happiness is found in serving others. “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give” said Winston Churchill. This organization was built […]

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More Than Just A Number

In our healing model, we learn that patient satisfaction doesn’t guarantee patient loyalty – in fact, SATISFACTION IS DANGEROUS. Why? If you have a bad experience, you tell MANY people. If you have a great experience, you tell a FEW people. If you are simply just satisfied, nothing happens. Therefore, to truly gain patient loyalty […]

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