The acceptance of gifts, money, or special services by any Uintah Basin Medical Center non-employed staff member from individuals with whom the hospital does business is prohibited. Every patron is entitled to efficient and courteous service. Since good service is given impartially to all, tips, gifts or gratuities are not expected.

Non-employees are never permitted to accept tips from patrons, visitors, or vendors. Gifts, except those of token value, are likewise not to be accepted.
If a non employee staff member is given a gift of monetary value, the gift should be forwarded to the Human Resource Department to be used as door prizes at special hospital functions.

Acceptance of valuable gifts will be considered an abuse of this policy and can result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Advertising of professional samples which are used in consideration of the purchase of a service or product, may be accepted, only with the intent of general use for Uintah Basin Medical Center.

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