Uintah Basin Medical Center protects the rights of privacy of all customers, patients, clients, suppliers, employees and non-employees. Information about Uintah Basin Medical Center, its customers, patients, and clients may only be disclosed as required or allowed by law. When in doubt as to whether information is or is not confidential, non-employees should refrain from any disclosure until it is established that the disclosure is authorized.

All medical records, including x-ray and MRI films, are the property of the health care provider and are maintained for the benefit of the patient and health care provider. All health/medical records are confidential and the release of such information must be carefully controlled and done in accordance with Medical Records Policy.

Confidential information obtained as a result of appointment with Uintah Basin Medical Center is not to be used by non-employees except as necessary to perform their job duties. Furthermore, non-employed staff members are prohibited from discussing patient information in public where such conversation might be overheard or with any person not involved in the patient’s care. In addition, because of confidentiality and safety concerns, friends and family members of non-employees should not be allowed in the non-employee’s workspace. Moreover, disclosing security codes to secured entrances or letting visitors in through such entrances is prohibited.

Violation of this policy may result in discipline, up to and including dismissal. In addition, release of confidential information without proper authorization can also result in criminal and/or civil penalties, both for the non-employee and the hospital.

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