Lung Cancer Screening

The American Cancer Society estimates nearly 229k new cases of lung cancer and nearly 146k deaths from lung cancer in the U.S. for 2020. Despite the very serious outlook of lung cancer, some people with earlier-stage cancers are cured.

Access to low-dose CT for lung cancer screening is available at the Uintah Basin Medical Center.

For certain high-risk patients, annual lung cancer screening with low dose CT reduces the mortality rate of lung cancer.  The National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) found a 20% reduction in deaths from lung cancer among current or former heavy smokers who were screened with low-dose helical CT versus those screened with a chest radiograph.  In addition, the NLST found that screening with LDCT identified a clinically significant abnormality (not suspicious for lung cancer) more than 3 times more often than chest x-ray.  Overall, all-cause mortality was reduced by 6.7%.  

For patients 55-80 years old with a 30-pack-year history of smoking, discussing lung cancer screening is an important opportunity to promote earlier detection and more positive outcomes.

Lung cancer screening CT is covered by Medicare and most insurance providers.  

To schedule a low-dose CT at UBMC, please contact the Radiology Department at (435)-722-6124.

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Sean D. Paulsen, MD (Radiologist, UBMC)


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