More Than Just A Number


In our healing model, we learn that patient satisfaction doesn’t guarantee patient loyalty – in fact, SATISFACTION IS DANGEROUS.

Why? If you have a bad experience, you tell MANY people. If you have a great experience, you tell a FEW people. If you are simply just satisfied, nothing happens. Therefore, to truly gain patient loyalty – we must wow them. How do we do that? We must treat them like they are more than just a number, like they really matter – because they do!

Why it’s important:

Numerous studies reflect how profoundly patients and providers are affected by this emotional connection. Connected patients experience reduced stress, better adherence to treatment plans, and have better outcomes. In turn, providers experience a renewed sense of meaning and fulfillment and have less burnout.

Recently, we received a letter from a patient, Ulli Wagner, who had visited our Wound Care Center. Ulli was close to losing her foot after 1 1/2 years of unsuccessful treatments. After visiting our center, we received a letter from Ulli where she states “They were just so dedicated, professional, and helpful. After just two months of weekly care, my foot was healed!”

We invited Ulli in to tell us more about her story and the connection between her and Gayleen Denney, Program Director for the Wound Center was touching.

“When I first came here I was used to being a number…
I wasn’t a number here. Everybody knew my name. That helps alot. I appreciate it, I really do” said Ulli.

That’s what it’s about. Emotional connections – treating patients like they are more than just a number, like they really matter… will create that WOW experience therefore increasing patient loyalty and giving us all a renewed sense of meaning and fulfillment in our career. It’s a win-win.

-Maigen Zobell, Director of Marketing/PR


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